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This neckwarmer is a result of collaboration between Hello Pets and Dziane ( It was knitted using hand manipulated knitting machine and we use certified merino wool to knit it. This high quality wool will keep your dog warm but it will also let it breath.

Neck Warmer

  • 100% handcrafted in Poland.

    Product can be hand washed at 30°C.


    Rib width: 11cm (maximum 20cm)

    Length: 10cm, total: 20cm

    Dedicated to small breeds of dogs ( terrriers, schnauzer, dachshund)

    Design: Marta Stanisławska

  • We offer unique products, which sometimes are made from scratch ­ just for you. That's why some of our products require a longer waiting time ­ up to 10 days.

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